29 December 2009

Philip Lim inspired Ribbon Bag

Taking orders now til 10 January 2010!

As seen on The O.C. star, Rachel Bilson.

As well as Nicky Hilton with sister Paris.

 BB578 in Black.

BB578 in Red and Black.

Designer inspired ribbon star-studded bag.
Very unique design and light-weight too.
Was featured in well-known fashion magazines like
November VIVI P142 and 10 months SWEET P142

Surface / material: Pan-gloss (does not dirty easily)
Shoulder strap is slightly padded and decorated with star studs.
Width: 23cm, Height: 30.5cm,Thickness: 5.5cm, Strap: 38cm
Available in:
BB578 Red
BB578 Black

RM69 only

New Pre-Order Bags!

Bags Mania 1 (Pre-order)

Bags Mania 2

Updated with new pre-order bags.
Click on the pictures for the full collection.
So send in your orders today! Hurry hurry, clock is ticking!

Third batch ending:
10 January 2010

25 December 2009


May you have a joyous weekend,
celebrating love and life.


05 December 2009

Bold & Beautiful

Hello, loves!
We've been away for quite some time, but we're back with goodies.
Here's a mini update today- BAGS. We all love bags, no?
These babies are exclusive, so be quick to get your hands on em!

You Took My Heart Away

5 Sold! 

Vintage Red

Heart shaped handle

Comes along with a lovely gold heart key chain

The interior (It is actually black in colour. Picture was taken with flash)

Bottom of the bag, embedded with gold studs for better stability

Material: Very good PU leather!
Height - 27cm
Length (opening of zip) - 43cm
Width (bottom of bag) - 14.7cm
Strap - 33.5cm

RM70 only
(Restockable at the moment)

Pink Meets Punk: 2-Way Pink Tote


Embellished with big gold studs. Stylishly bold, yet feminine.

Front of bag

Back of bag

Golden hook to close the bag (normal zipper also included)

Interior of bag

Another way of carrying the bag (unhook the golden hook)

Material: Very good PU leather!
Height - 31cm
Length - 53cm
Width - 21.5cm

Perfect bag for classes or a short day trip!
Very versatile and multi-purpose.

RM65 only
(Restockable at the moment)

Powder Me Purple



Front of bag with gold coloured studs

Back of bag with zippered compartment

Side of bag with buttons to widen or flatten the bag

Interior of the bag


Material: Very good PU leather!
Height - 27cm
Length - 23cm
Width - 10.5cm
Strap - 30.5cm (when carried on shoulder)

RM68 only

04 December 2009

Lots of thanks and kisses to Shopping Roll!

02 December 2009

Thank you My BFF for featuring us! :)

01 December 2009

One Closes, Another Opens

The first batch of pre-order is officially closed. Thank you to all who sent in orders and made prompt payment! I will keep you updated on the whereabouts and statuses of your ordered items.

For those who were not able to make it for the first batch, fret not! The second batch is now open till 20th December 2009. Do place your orders aights?

I will be updating new pre-order items very soon as well, so be on the look-out! =)


29 November 2009

Hurry Up!

The first batch of pre-orders are closing tomorrow!
Do hurry and place your orders for the bags that you know you want!

26 November 2009

Our First Pre-Order Bags!

Bags Mania 1 (Pre-order)

Click on the image to view the bags available for order now! Over 100 designs available!

First batch ending on:
 30 Nov 2009

Delivery & Postage

Below are the postage charges for Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah & Sarawak. For reference each bags weights about 600g (0.6kg).

Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia)
(Postage depends on the weight of each bag. Some bags are slightly heavier than the others.)
RM7 = 1 bag
*Additional RM1 for every additional bag.
*Meet-ups can be discussed and arranged where I will personally hand over the item you ordered to you (yes, you don’t have to wait for it in the mail) but charges depend on the area (don’t worry, it isn’t that expensive).

Sabah & Sarawak (East Malaysia)
We will use Pos Malaysia's Airmail as our agent sending to Sabah & Sarawak. Target date receive is 1 week. Do email us for further details.

For tracking of your goods, please use this link: http://www.pos.com.my/V1/main2.asp?c=/v1/TrackTrace/parcel/trackmenu.asp

For international all items are chargeable to shipping fee.
Please refer to http://www.pos.com.my/V1/main2.asp?c=/v1/tariff/parcel/parcel.asp for international delivery parcel rates.
For your information, each bag weights approximately 600G.

How To Order

Order Form
Email address:
Mobile No:
Receiver’s Name:
Mobile No:
Shipping Address:
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount
Item code / Colour / Quantity / Price / Amount

Postage: RM _____
Total Amount: RM _____

Send in the order form, and wait for my confirmation on the total amount.
After the confirmation, kindly make payment (cash deposit or internet banking) to the either of the bank accounts below and email transaction details / slip to bombshellbells@live.com.
Account details will be given to you via email.

Once you've done with the payment immediately notify me via email the below information.
Your name
Your e-mail (e-mail you use to communicate with us regarding to your order)
Which bank you made payment to
Date & time of payment made
* Payment slip is optional but we encourage you to provide us a copy.

For International Orders

For all International orders, currently we accept Western Union payment. Please talk to us to get the full shipping fee, then pay the full amount (total order) in RM currency and notify us. Email us for our details needed to make payment through Western Union.

Kindly email me at bombshellbells@live.com and enclose your details below:

Full Name
Amount Transferred (With currency)
Your contact number
Country, City, State/Province of Origin
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

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